Friday, December 11, 2009

C# rocks or how I made the Shmorgif Animator

The other day I was looking for a free tool to make .gif animations. I haven't found anything free worthy of using, so I figured I might as well write my own with the features _I_ would like to see in a simple gif animator.

You can download it here.

A quick search brought me to the NGif library page on CodeProject, this is the core code that actually does all the animating, I've simply set up [what I'd like to think is] an intuitive GUI.

  • Drag/Drop images on the app window to load new frames.
  • Change the order of the frames
  • Remove/add frames
  • Preview animation
  • View thumbs of individual frames
  • Pause/Play animation
  • Change delay between frames
  • Set custom quality
  • Set loop on/off
Let me know if you want the details

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