Monday, November 30, 2009

ADXL345 accelerometer breakout board + Arduino and Processing

Some time ago I've purchased an ADXL345 accelerometer breakout board from After some searching and datasheeting (that's an awful term, I know :D), I've finally came up with code, which will allow me to talk to the accelerometer using my Arduino and even pass the data on, to Processing (it's a fun language, covered in my previous post)

In this post I will cover the setup for the communication procedure between the ADXL345 and the Arduino and then, between the Arduino and Processing (ie your PC). All the sources are at the bottom of the post, as usual. (Code is now updated for Arduino 1.0.4)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Programmer and Artist? (Processing and discovery)

Very long time passed since my last post. Since then I have discovered more than a few interesting things but some of them will have to wait as I'm not yet proficient enough to elaborate on those. I'm going to devote this post to something that is close to my heart as an ex-animator and as a programmer - computer generated art (and relevant tools)!